Intermediate FileMaker Training

with Cris Ippolite

FileMaker 18 Training LA

Venice Senior High School

11/05/2019 - 11/08/2019

Comprehensive 4-day Class

Three-time FileMaker Excellence award-winning Trainer, Cris Ippolite from, will be offering his comprehensive 4-day training class  geared toward intermediate-level FileMaker users.

The cost of the 4-day course is $1749.00 (USD) and includes:

- Training materials
- Exercise files
- 30-day access to
- Installation of FileMaker Pro

Attendees will only need to bring a laptop.

Course Curriculum

The course covers best practices for developing professional FileMaker  apps that are easy to use and will help you take advantage of the full functionality of the FileMaker Platform.

1. Data

Gain practical skills required to define FileMaker Pro data tables and fields. Learn how to construct different types of data relationships, ensure data integrity, and implement multiple-table solutions. Cover important topics such as data types and options for auto-entry, validation, field storage and indexing. Plus, learn how to manage images and other objects in container fields.

2. Interface

Learn how to work efficiently and effectively with layouts, an essential skill for any developer. For solutions accessed by mobile, desktop, and web users, layouts can be tailored to take full advantage of the specific environment, providing for a great user experience. The lessons in this module explore different types of layout objects and the tools and methods for controlling them.

3. Solution Logic: Calculations

Learn how functions work in the calculation engine and how to apply them in various contexts. Study how custom functions are built and how to use them in database solutions. Lessons also include the set of functions that are especially useful when developing for the mobile user. And discover new functionality in FileMaker Pro for accessing metadata stored with container field data.

4. Solution Logic: Scripting

Explore the power of the scripting in FileMaker Pro, which allows you to create scripted routines that can then be triggered in a variety of ways. Learn about a number of scripting tools that make it easier to write and troubleshoot scripts, as well as best practices for writing scripts, and scripting for the mobile user. Learn how to build navigation and window controls, create custom menus, and study logical branching and looping routines.

5. Reporting

Practice creating reports in FileMaker Pro  using a variety of techniques. Explore basic and advanced sub-summary reports and learn how to build a cross-tab report (with data-driven columns).

6. Security

Become familiar with the security controls in FileMaker Pro Advanced and their relevance to FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, and Custom Web Publishing. Study the account-based security features of FileMaker Pro Advanced, and learn how to implement privilege sets, tie access to database solutions to external authentication servers, control both access and authoring rights to systems, and extend security controls with scripting. Learn how to encrypt FileMaker files and network communication and why doing this is important.

7. Deployment

Understand the various techniques for a deploying a FileMaker solution, with particular considerations for the new FileMaker WebDirect technology, as well as considerations specific to FileMaker Go. Get best practices for installing and configuring FileMaker Server, and learn how to trigger scripts from FileMaker Pro as well as operating system scripts from FileMaker Server.

8. Integration

Learn how to integrate FileMaker Pro with SQL systems, both through ODBC connections and with the External SQL Data Source capabilities. Discover how the integration of FileMaker with APIs opens up a wealth of possibilities for your FileMaker solutions.

Award-Winning Trainer

This class will be taught by Author and multiple award-winning FileMaker Trainer, Cris Ippolite. Cris Ippolite has been the exclusive FileMaker Author on (now Linkedin Learning) since 2002 and was one of the ORIGINAL FileMaker Authorized Trainers when the program first launched in 2008. Cris has taught over 3000 students in his live classes and has over 3 millions views of his online courses, watched internationally by over 30,000 subscribers. Cris is a top rated speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference and has been a speaker every year for the last 21 years. Cris was hand-picked by FileMaker, Inc. to manage their "FileMaker Training Day" Track at the conference and also won the FileMaker Excellence Award for Education in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

Free Training Prep

Attendees should have  introductory level experience with FileMaker and are welcome to take the FileMaker Essential Training course at FREE for 30 days to prepare for the course.